Abraham Ashley Perry

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geboren in Keswick (GB)
Quelle: Alpine Journal Volume 79, 1974, Seite 55f

ASHLEY P. ABRAHAM died October 9, 1951. Mr. G. Winthrop Young writes
I have not seen Ashley Abraham for many years, so I can picture him still as we knew him, and climbed with him, in his dynamic youth. A figure as agile and quick as he was tall, broad and powerful, with great Cumbrian legs and a southern high colour, fire and enterprise. We never thought of the brothers apart. They complemented each other perfectly : George the more often leading, graceful, supple and balanced ; Ashley, a moving column of strength and aggressive energy in support. In all team-play brothers, from a kindred sympath collaborate the more closely ; and the Abrahams were a pleasure to watch in their combination upon Scafell precipices - or to listen to their light-hearted exchanges up and down a new climb. They were I think, our first entirely local rock climbers, who tackled new routes on their own. They sped over mountains with enterprise and enthusiasm; and they had the intelligence to see the untrodden ground which opened before them as professional photographers and protagonist lecturers and writers of guidebooks. If there was some criticism of this aspect of their climbing fifty years ago, the mountaineering world has long since followed in their tracks. Ashley, and his brother with him, had the true love of climbing. When climbers were few, and techniques unheard of, he showed a fresh initiative, and a cheerful courage in facing the unknown and a novel type of danger and difficulty. R. was a pioneer of Lakeland rock exploration ; and he has earned a Iong memory among the cliffs and fells of his home country.'
Quelle: Alpine Journal Volume 58, 1951/52, Seite 404

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